Other Ceremonies

Renewal of Vows & Life Commitment l

The perfect way to declare your continuing love for each other.

Renewal of Vows brings married couples together in Ceremony before friends and family to again declare to all that their love and commitment to each other has not faded since their marriage began.

Commitment Ceremonies are for couples, man and woman, or same sex, who generally are unable to marry for legal or personal reasons, and wish to declare the strength of their love and commitment to each other before family and friends.

These powerful and meaningful ceremonies evoke as much sentiment, passion and enjoyment as a regular wedding, but without the legal requirements.  A beautiful certificate will be presented to the couple to commemorate their special day, as well as a copy of the ceremony.

Name giving

Welcome your child into the world in a very special way. A Name Giving Ceremony, or Baby Naming, as they are also known, celebrates the birth of your child and welcomes them into the family union and the community.  It is the perfect celebration to formally introduce an older or adopted baby or child and bring family and friends together to share in your joy.

Traditionally, Name Giving Ceremonies are used to appoint Mentors or Godparents for your child, who stand beside you to offer their support for your child. In today's ever-expanding society, Mentors and Godparents tend to play an increasingly larger role in a child's life, so this provides a wonderful way to acknowledge them. A beautiful certificate will be presented to the child, as well as certificates for the Mentors or Godparents.

Emcee Events, Other Ceremonies & Celebrations

There are so many reasons for celebrating an event or milestone. Having a Celebrant formalise an occasion with a Ceremony or act as Emcee (MC - Master of ceremonies) emphasizes its meaning and makes the occasion extra special.
There are countless special events and celebrations where the professional services of a Celebrant or Emcee can be utilised to help create a memorable and priceless occasion.

Such occasions can include Corporate Functions, Trivia Nights, Presentations, Sporting and Charity Events, Engagements, Anniversary, Birthdays, Retirements, Coming of Age, Welcome Home, New Home, Get Well, Bon Voyage or Farewell, Divorce, Adoption, Graduation, Pregnancy, Lottery Win and more.

Using your imagination, the list is endless.