Our lives are constantly faced with the inevitability of death.

The death of a loved one brings much sorrow, pain and grief. As we grieve, we are faced with the realities of all that needs to be done, in particular, organising the funeral ceremony.

A funeral ceremony provides an opportunity for family and friends to pay their respect to the deceased and thank them for being a part of their life, whilst offering comfort, support and a sense of hope to mourners. Whilst a funeral ceremony cannot eliminate the suffering or sadness felt, it can offer considerable comfort during a difficult time.

Every person whose life we celebrate has lived a life of meaning and value. A funeral service should not focus entirely on grief and loss. It should reflect a person’s life, and the many contributions they made to enriching their friends' and loved ones' lives.

Creating a funeral ceremony which is as individual as your loved one is imperative, focussing on compassion and sensitivity. Although not traditionally religious, it can reflect the degree of spirituality that is meaningful to the family.

I will create a dignified and meaningful funeral ceremony to truly reflect the impact the deceased had on your lives.

The family is encouraged to help select appropriate readings, wording and music and consider the possible inclusion of speakers, reading of poems, verse and other material. The family may also wish to include photographs, or special articles which reflect the deceased's life and hobbies.

Pre-Planning Your Funeral

If you are considering a Pre-Paid Funeral, you should also consider a Pre-Planned Ceremony.  Whilst many people are opting for pre-paid funeral plans, including from coffin selection to arranging their grave plot or cremation, it is becoming more popular to include the ceremony aspect, too.  This can avoid placing unnecessary burdens on loved ones and provide them with peace of mind during sensitive times, whilst also allowing a person input into their own ceremony, if they so desire.

Without doubt our emotions are at their peak during grieving, yet, through it all, we are forced to be organised.  We must draw from personal knowledge of the deceased, being careful not to omit important detail, to help plan a fitting tribute and ceremony.  Occasionally,  there are "gaps" in the detail, or we are unaware of the importance of particular persons, articles, music, and the like in the deceased's life.  Certain facts or detail might be overlooked or forgotten, causing much angst and can have a lasting effect on family members and fellow mourners, alike.

A pre-planned funeral ceremony helps prevent omissions and mishaps, alleviates some of the stress placed on loved ones during grieving, and provides an opportunity for personal input into your ceremony.  It also fixes the Celebrant's fees associated with crafting the funeral ceremony at today's prices.


Simone Elise - Hi Deborah, I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of my mum Karen for doing such a lovely job at my Nanna Dawn Hassall's funeral. We appreciate the wonderful tribute you created in such a short time frame. Your relaxed personality helped the family get through a very difficult time leading up to the day. Thanks again.